The only thing anyone is talking about anymore is the coronavirus. It has taken over. Whether we want to admit it or not, it is getting more serious it has been suggested by the government to stay home. My family has tried to avoid going out to the public, and we have tried to stay home as much as possible. Though we have a full house, we are bored! It is crazy how dependent we are on our busy lives, so much so that we do not know what to do with ourselves when that stops. The first few days we were content eating junk food and watching TV, but now we are trying to get a little more creative. Here are a few ideas that my family has come up with to entertain ourselves.

1. Cooking/Baking

Now is a good time to try new things. Anyone that knows me, and knows my mother, knows we cannot cook. We are terrible at it. Having a lot of time at home has encouraged us to cook a little more. We have made the most simple meals, but for us, it is a big step! If you are a great cook, or a not so great cook, venture out and extend your knowledge. Some basic things we have been making are:

  • eggs and red potatoes for breakfast

  • grilled chicken, pan tossed green beans, corn, and baked potatoes

  • brownies

  • lemon flavored salmon and asparagus

Like I said, extremely simple! But this time is a good opportunity to find new hobbies and make new habits. Besides just cooking, we like the eating part too. The first thing my mom and I did when the idea of staying home was initiated, was drive straight to Alberston's and buy seven cartons of ice cream. I am not joking, we bought seven. It is obvious what our priorities in life are right? We are stalked up on ice cream and very happy about it. So eat some ice cream, make a sundae, and enjoy yourself.

2. Exercise

I love working out. I love eating, so I have taken it upon myself to love exercise. I am a huge pilates and yoga fanatic. With everything going on and many businesses temporarily closed, I have found my regular routine of exercise totally messed up. Trust me, I know how incredibly difficult it is to get motivated to do a home workout, but here are some ideas that might make it easier.

  • go for a run

  • look up a home workout on youtube

  • stretch

  • play Just Dance on a game system

  • walk/run with the dog(s)

There are many different ideas to get you moving while you're stuck at home. I find it very difficult to workout on my own at home, but sometimes it is easier for me if I have a buddy. That might be my dog or my siblings. Other times this week, I have either been so bored or so in my head with worry that I need to clear my mind, so I have gone for a run around the neighborhood. In the morning, I plan to pull out my yoga mat and watch a yoga video. More than just health benefits, getting moving and exercising will help you pause, take this down time to breathe and be present, and possibly get you in a good habit. I have attended Evolution Yoga Las Vegas for quite some time now, so check them out on facebook for tips and videos if you are interested! Below I have added a quick yoga video.

3. Puzzles

This one sounds really silly, but it is actually fun. I always loved puzzles as a kid, and I even enjoy doing simple puzzles with the pre-school kids I normally work with. Now is a good time to get that noggin working! My mom and step dad are currently doing a big Disney Villians puzzle that covers our dining room table. They started it, and when they take a break someone else in the family picks up where they left off. It has been fun, and is not something we would normally do! This time has allowed us to venture out of our typical routine and I think it can be good for us; if we look at the positives we can definitely make the most of this situation!

4. Games

We love games. All kinds of games. Board games, video games, card games, any kind of game. We normally play games during special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or family dinners but now we have plenty of time to bust out all the games. I love singing, and I talked my family members into playing karaoke on the Wii with me. I'm working on getting them to play Just Dance. Get your family to play games! It is actually such a good way to connect and spend quality time together. We laugh so much and enjoy each others' company when we do. Some more game suggestions that we have found entertaining are:

  • Chameleon (I highly recommend!)

  • What Do You Meme?

  • Rummikub

  • Drug Dealer (use a traditional stack of cards)

  • Mafia (use a traditional stack of cards)

  • Mario Kart

5. Get crafty

You will probably be surprised at all the craft materials you have stored in junk drawers or garages. We pulled out all our paint and brushes and started painting. My sister is a wonderful artist, and I am the opposite. I was given the gift of singing, dancing, writing, and teaching but I was not given the gift of painting and drawing. Anyways, we painted nonetheless and came out with some real masterpieces. They will definitely serve as memories. Even the guys in the family had fun with this. There are other kinds of crafty things you can do as well. For example, I started this blog during my down time. Think of a new hobby that you have always wanted to try. A friend of mine started gardening, my grandma pulled out her old pictures and scrapbook materials, so it could really be anything that is appealing to you!

This post might be useful to you, or it might not, but I hope you find some good entertainment and activities to keep you occupied besides binge watching Netflix for the next month. These are scary times, so remember to stay home, wash your hands, and enjoy each moment with your loved ones. Oh, and keep an eye out for toilet paper if you do happen to go to the grocery store.

Stay healthy,