Have you ever heard of the band Young the Giant? If not, I highly suggest you go check them out (as soon as you finish reading this of course). Young the Giant is one of my all time favorite bands. I have seen them live three times. I discovered them through a boyfriend in high school, and then my sister discovered them through me. My sister and I began bonding over this band and we became concert buddies. Anyway... yes, I am getting somewhere, and no, this entire post is not about a band. Bear with me though.

In 2018, Young the Giant came out with a new album that I went crazy for. The first time I heard the song, "Superposition" I seriously felt my mind escape my body to a new world. Have you ever had music do that to you? It just takes you somewhere else. This song did that for me. I loved it. I listened to it over and over and over again and never got tired of it. I'm still not tired of it. The thing that is so interesting to me as I write this post, is that I had no idea what the word superposition meant. I honestly assumed they had made it up because it sounded cool and they are the type of band that could get away with that. But regardless of not knowing the meaning, I loved the song. And I loved the other lyrics, even though again I didn't know how they related to the title because again I had NO CLUE what it meant.

So, about two years of me listening to this song pass, and finally I come across the word superposition in a new setting. I am in school getting my degree in Elementary Education, and I am taking several classes all about how to teach elementary science. I was just casually doing some homework, reading about geological time, until I came across the term superposition. Did you know this is an actual scientific term?!? Science fans, I am sure you knew this. I, on the other hand, did not. I am struck with excitement about my new find.

According to my geology assignment, The Law of Superposition refers to rocks layering on top of older layers. As more layers are deposited, the older layers are found at the bottom and the newer layers are found at the top. You are getting a science lesson here my friends. I am preparing for my teaching days. Another definition, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is "the combination of two distinct physical phenomena of the same type so that they coexist as part of the same event". BINGO. I get it now, all thanks to my science homework, I finally understand what this song I have loved, for two years, actually means. Go listen to it and you will probably get it too.

So, thus far you have learned about a great band, and a little bit of geology. But here is where it gets deeper. I realized I loved something I didn't fully know. I wasn't getting the most out of it because I didn't quite understand the whole thing, or the whole picture of what was being presented. With the song, I learned a key thing that made it all come together; it seems complete. It makes more sense now and it is so much more meaningful. This may seem silly regarding a song, but it is not silly regarding other things in life.

I connected this to God. Again, if you are not a Jesus follower, still hear me out. I never mean to preach, I only mean to share. All my life I have longed to be loved. I just want to be loved! Don't you? And all my life, I was told God loves me. So, I grew up knowing God loved me. But once again I had no idea what that meant. I didn't fully believe it or feel loved by God, because I didn't understand what that meant. So, I continued longing to be loved. All my life I was also told I was supposed to love God. Okay, got it. God loves me, I love God. No idea what it means, don't understand it, can't fully grasp it, but okay.

It took me until this year, 2020, to FINALLY understand what it means. I was not reaping the full benefits of being loved by God or loving him because I just did not understand. And then I asked myself, how on Earth can I understand something I am not familiar with? I was not familiar with geology, and I didn't take the time to look it up. I was not familiar with God's love, at least not enough, and wasn't taking the steps to figure it out. How was I supposed to know what it meant to be loved by an infinite, divine being if I didn't know Him personally? There was no way. And that's why I missed out on so much, only understanding some, and not getting the most out of my life and relationship with God. I needed to know Him.

I can joyfully say that I now KNOW God's love. It makes me wanna sing and dance and just smile cause I'm finally getting what I have been longing for my whole life. I know this love because I have taken the time to get to know the One loving me. As I investigate, search, read, ask questions, pray, and keep my heart open, I see God reveal love for me like I have never seen before. In ways that can't be explained in any other way. I'm not crazy folks, I am just so passionate about this recent realization.

Maybe for you it isn't about God, or maybe it is, but the point is, don't go through life not understanding. Don't go through life settling, or accepting things without learning for yourself the meaning. Investigate, research, soul-search, do some digging. We HAVE to do the hard work to figure out this life. Otherwise it will pass us by. We will slide through it, sort of understanding and getting through it, but missing out on so much more. Is that how you want to live? Because I really don't.

I'll close by asking this, what is something in or about your life that you don't quite understand? Is it a silly song? Is it faith? Is it a relationship issue that hasn't destroyed, but definitely isn't resolved? Is it how really small dogs descended from wolves ( 'cause I have definitely questioned this)? Whatever it may be, identify it. Try to understand more of it if you can. And yeah, some things don't have answers. I may know God's love, but to think I have mastered knowing God is laughable. We will never understand everything completely. But that's part of the crazy, beautiful, mystery of life. We just try. We try to learn, try to understand, try to grow, and keep pushing forward in an attempt to live the most abundant life possible.

All my love,