The Power of Being Still

The world is go, go, go. We are constantly thinking, doing, going, moving, etc. There is so much power in taking time to stop, breathe, and be still.

Be still, be present, let the world fade away. It will be waiting there when you return.

"Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen - that stillness becomes a radiance." - Morgan Freeman

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you feel like you don't even have the words to explain how you feel? Maybe you don't even understand how you feel. I have found myself in this place many times before, and have found myself in this place specifically this past week. There is so much going on in the world. New illnesses, deaths, fear, panic, etc. Not to mention personal life stresses like the loads of college homework, heartbreak, relationships, family, pets, work, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, my brain cannot take anymore. It gets to a point where it is on complete overload. I will be going, going, going and not notice how overwhelmed I am, and how much I need margin in my life, until it is too late and it has become too much.

As we all know, the new coronavirus has been the talk of the town, and the talk of the world recently. It has affected people's lives all around the world. I work for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the last week, our school district made the decision to close down our schools for the safety of our students and citizens. For me, this means I will not return to work for the next four weeks. Now that I am not going, going, going I have had a second to reflect on my life and consider why do I feel overwhelmed and overloaded? It is my fifth day off of work, and I have come to the conclusion that it is no wonder people, specifically young people, live this way. We have so many obligations, expectations, and pressures. Sometimes, we put these pressures on ourselves, and sometimes we do it unknowingly. We know we have to grind to make money to support ourselves, we know we have to grind to get that degree so we can have a career to support ourselves or reach our dreams, or maybe both. We have so many things that we take on to get where we want to go. This is typical, and it is good. Young people are trying to figure out who they are, their place in the world, and what they need to do to get there.

I am one of these young people that lives this way. The problem arises when we live this way, and only this way. As I sit here, finally having the time to start this blog because I am out of work for the next month, I realize how necessary it is to be still. It is necessary to make time for ourselves. It is necessary to not have anything to do every once in a while. It is necessary to make the time to be present. There is so much clarity, reflection, and calmness that can enter our lives when we make this a necessity. I have wanted to start a blog for years. I have attempted it a few times which means I started it and then never got back to it. I never made it a priority. Because I have been so busy and so focused, I did not even realize I had forgotten about something I wanted to accomplish.

Being driven, determined, and focused is an amazing thing and something that young people need to get where they are going in the world, but finding down time is just as important. We will be the best versions of ourselves when we have time to reflect and enjoy life. Think about what it might be that you need in your life. Quiet time, family time, reading time. It could look like you carving out a day or two a week to take a yoga class, or take a walk. It might look different for you, but hear me when I say it may change your life. I have not mastered the concept of being still quite yet. I still struggle with getting busy and not making the time for myself that I need, but I look at the versions of myself that have existed recently, and I am no doubt my best self when I am present and still. One of my goals has been to strengthen my relationship with God. This is something I have also wanted for a while, and I wondered why it was not happening. Well, come to find out, things don't often just magically happen or fall in our laps, we have to work for what we want. And I was not doing that. I was not making the time or putting in the effort. This last week, I have made the time and the effort and it is amazing the difference I see when I am still and present.

Whatever this looks like for you, don't wait any longer. You might have heard this advice a million times before, but I hope this time you choose to try it out. I want nothing more than for myself and my fellow young people to experience our best lives. Please comment any additional thoughts.

Talk soon,